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I grew up in Albany, California, a couple of blocks from Berkeley and a short BART ride from San Francisco. Starting out in a place where it's spring all year, I proceeded to make a series of highly questionable moves (snowy New England, rainy Old England, polar vortex-battered Canada) and a couple of more understandable ones (San Diego, the Marshall Islands). My boomerang-shaped migration has landed me in Toronto, where I live with my wife and work in the program evaluation field (which is much less boring than it sounds).
Professionally, I've worn a number of hats. I'm trained as a cultural anthropologist and have done extensive research on the human dimensions of climate change under the auspices of Oxford University, McGill University, and the University of Toronto. From 2013 to 2015, I worked as a consultant, dividing my focus between the Greater Toronto Area and the Pacific Islands. I've also written two travel memoirs. I now work at Cathexis Consulting in Toronto.
You can learn more about me, especially my involvement with the climate-
threatened Marshall Islands, in this BBC Oxford radio interview and these articles in the Oxford Mail and the Oxford Times. Other interviews can be found here: Rolf Potts, Andy Ross AgencyPasifika Truthfully, Travel Wonders Part 1 / Part 2, Wandering Educators, Travel Junkie, The Planet D.

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