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Ujae Atoll, Marshall Islands: I volunteered here in 2003-2004 and did anthropological research here in 2007.


Marshall Islands climate change


Oxford: I lived here from 2006 to 2011

Oxford in the snow: It very rarely looked like this but I liked it very much when it did.


Norway: I visited Oslo and environs in 2007, and did research in the north in 2008.


Finland: I went on a road trip from Helsinki to Finnish Lapland with two Finnish friends. I sat in a 200F sauna; I did not find it relaxing.


Corsica: This island is part France, part Italy, and part Middle Earth. I walked across it on a whim in 2006.


New Zealand: I attended a conference here in 2008 and then traveled around the North Island.

The trombone song
The Johnny Cash song

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