Peter Rudiak-Gould
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Peter Rudiak-Gould Consulting, Toronto
(Ontario BIN: 250310067)

My services
Program evaluation           Social science research
Cultural competence           Writing and editing
Curriculum development    Environmental education & communication

Previous and current clients
Green Thumbs Growing Kids (Toronto)
Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (Honolulu) / Pacific Climate Education Partnership
Rising Academy Network (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
Environmentum (a project of Tides Canada) (Toronto)
Island Research & Education Initiative (Palikir, Federated States of Micronesia)
The InkWell Project (Toronto)
SESHAT Global History Databank (Oxford, UK)
Book in a Box (Austin, Texas)

My qualifications
10 years experience in designing & managing applied social science research projects
Expertise in multiple research methodologies: focus groups, interviews, surveys, observation, environmental scans, literature review/synthesis, thematic analysis
Experience engaging stakeholders of widely varying age, socioeconomic status, & cultural background
Exceptional writing and presentation skills for both technical and lay audiences
Doctorate in Anthropology; author of four books and numerous peer-reviewed articles

Why hire an anthropologist?
As a cultural anthropologist, I am highly trained in uncovering local attitudes, practices, and values through participant-observation, interviews, focus groups, and other empathetic, on-the-ground research methodologies. This expertise allows me to translate between diverse stakeholders that otherwise simply talk past one another - whether they be indigenous communities faced with donor-driven development interventions, or scientifically untrained citizens asked to act upon the jargon-laden recommendations of climatologists. Taking the local point of view into account, I can tailor interventions of many types to the specifics of a particular population.

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