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The city of dreaming spires. Eden meets academia. The oldest university in the Anglo world. The stuffiest place in Britain, and the silliest place, too. Oxford is many things to many people, but for Peter Rudiak-Gould, newly arrived as a student of anthropology, it was the most exotic tribe he could hope to study (and join). Part memoir, part travelogue, part field guide, The Oxford Tribe will entertain the seasoned traveler and the armchair philosopher alike.
"Rudiak-Gould has personalized and de-mystified Oxford for me, and has painted in my mindís eye vivid pictures of its ivy-draped buildings and lawns and forests and jowly professors and brainiac younger people toasting each other in weathered pubs that line cobblestoned lanes....After I had laughed out loud four different times, I started counting, and toward the end of the book I hit double-digits and then stopped counting."
-Brad Newsham, author of  Take Me With You and All The Right Places
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